Saturday, June 9, 2007

News is News

I just read my friend Melissa's blog, and she was telling all about her boys and potty training, and I realized the most exciting things I ever have to post are about my garden and my dog! Well, news is news...
I spent several hours this week digging out the dirt from inside this garden box (that's what I call it; not sure what the actual name is - and I call myself a gardener!), then putting in new soil, a plastic sheeting to keep out weeds (don't know what that's officially called either - geez), and then transplanting monkey grass, planting begonias, and putting mulch on top. Whew! It was hard work. When Roy saw the finished product he mentioned how it was sparsely planted, but hey, I didn't want to spend a fortune on flowers. (Oh, and yes. The mulch IS two different colors - didn't want to spend a fortune on that either, so I just used leftovers.)
This hibiscus tree was given to me by my friend Staci for my 30th birthday. The flowers are so pretty!
Interesting things are growing beneath my rose bush. I believe they're pumpkins! I used compost from school when I planted my rose bush, and a pumpkin had been put into the compost heap earlier in the year ... apparently I got some pumpkin seeds with my compost because this vine is growing and blooming and spreading. I am just going to let it go and see what it does.
Now see, don't I have an interesting life? LOL


Melissa said...

You DO have an interesting life! :) That's why I read your blog! :) And you had better believe that when we have a garden going, I'll be posting news about it! Your hibiscus is gorgeous! How was your b-day? I wish we could have celebrated with you... Oh, and you still don't look a day over 26 ;)

And tell Roy, I think it's good that you sparsley planted...that's what all the pros tell you to do so that as your flowers matures they can fill in instead of choke each other out. ;)

Melissa said...

Oh, I forgot...

I think it's really funny that you may have planted a pumpkin by mistake. :) I hope it bears (bares? whatever) fruit. Will it choke your rose bush?