Monday, June 4, 2007

Grandma's Here!

Last Friday my mom came and visited us. I was glad not only to spend time with her, but to have her with me while Roy had his endoscopy. (The doctor said everything looked okay; we have to call Friday for the official results.) Mom and I spent lots of time shopping (five hours in one day!). It was loads of fun. I had to take her back to the airport today. You're welcome anytime, Mom. :)
Cleo adored mom! Each morning Cleo would go into mom's room, look up on the bed, and start crying to wake her up. It was too cute.
Cleo and mom played a lot!
Today, mom and I ate at the Elite Grill before leaving for the airport. They have the coolest chicken cashew salad - it's in a pineapple! I got the waitress to take our pic. Don't I look just like my mom?
Here's the salad. Nice manicure, mom! (Wonder who did that for you? LOL)
Now that school is out, I hope to finish my kitchen (no, it's not done yet!), clean my house, visit with friends, play with my puppy, exercise and lose weight, and take naps! What a plan.


Melissa said...

hahaha about your comment :) And thanks for thinking they are cute!

It sounds like you had a great time with your mom! I didn't know Roy was having an endoscopy. Was it for his heartburn stuff? Has it gotten worse?

Mom said...

Hey Doob,
Thanks for the great hospitality! I had such an awesome time with you, we really need to do that more often! (besides, you have better shopping down there)

I missed Cleo waking me up this morning.......she was a joy to wake up to, unlike my alarm clock!

I will see the grandbabies on Friday and give them their gifts. I can't wait to see them, hopefully one of them can come home with us for a day or two.

You can check out the website:
to see a picture of the presentation board I did for our book drive.

Better go back to work now... Love you, Mom