Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cleo's Home!

We brought Cleo home last night. The vet is excited about her progress so far. She is doing better than expected! She can already empty her bladder on her own, and she can put weight on both her back legs, though her left leg is still weak, and she can walk a little. Sometimes that back left leg falls under her, but it will continue to get stronger. Her left side is where the vet did all of the work, so the muscles on that side are weak right now. We got a bigger kennel for her in which she will have to stay most of the time. It's big enough for her to move around in, but at this point she's mostly just sleeping. We put the kennel in front of her window so she can still look outside.

You can see her incision on top of her back. It's about 6" long, but is healing nicely. She looks a little sad, but I think it's mostly because she wants to be held instead of being in her kennel. This morning when we took her out to do her exercises, she tried to get up on my lap, but I couldn't let her. She is supposed to lie flat.
We take her back to Austin this week for a physical therapy session, and then again on the 29th to get her stitches out.

(Yes, Mom, she's on the blanket you made for Warren. The two quilts you made him are the only blankets we have that aren't furry/fuzzy, and they fit in the kennel w/o bulging up, which helps her to stay flat and move steadily. Hope you don't mind too much. )


Rebekah said...

Bless her heart!!!!! I would have been beside myself. I am so glad that Cleo is doing well and on the road to recovery. Poor girl has been through a lot lately!

kimnewland said...

Glad she is on the mend - I'm sure it was a very emotional experience for you all!