Saturday, August 22, 2009

My First Color Sheet

Warren came home from daycare last week with this picture that he had "colored." Too cute! I was so proud of him, and yet I felt a little sad inside because he is growing up so fast. This week he started blowing raspberries. I kept trying to get it on video, but he would stop and try to grab the camera. I am determined to get it though!
Resting with my sweet babies!
Okay, doesn't he look a LITTLE like me?????? The nose, maybe?

This pic was taken before church last Sunday. I thought he looked like such a little man in his outfit.
Warren is drinking about 6-7oz four times a day. He eats 2T of cereal and some juice around 1:30p, and then at 5 or 5:30p he eats baby food. He loves to eat with a spoon! He has had carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, and peaches. Tomorrow he will get to have meat for the first time. It is just so fun to feed him. Oh, and his bowels are totally working now that he is on solids. He is about 16lbs and wears mostly 6mth size clothes and #3 diapers.

He recognizes the sign for "milk" and "eat," and he knows how to give kisses. He loves to feel our faces and will often grab our noses or put his hand over our mouths. He esp. loves to feel his daddy's beard. He talks, slobbers, and screams, and he gets a little mad sometimes and shows his free will. He still sleeps from about 7:30p - 7a, but he doesn't nap very long during the day. He has done perfectly well adjusting to daycare. In fact, it seems he didn't have to adjust at all. He seems to like people and always has such a great demeanor. Roy and I say all the time how cool our kid is and how we are so surprised something this great could have come from the two of us! LOL


kimnewland said...

Of course "that something great" didn't come from just you two - that is why he is so great. God knows exactly what he is doing :-) and my nephew is perfect in every way. BTW - his "fits" are likely his way of saying he needs a frapp :-P

Harris Family said...

I Love the picture of him napping on your chest! So sweet! He is growing up and is such a cute little man!

CristyG said...

I miss you guys so much, he's just growing up to be such a handsome little guy!