Monday, August 10, 2009

I found my feet!

Warren has adjusted well to daycare. He started last Tuesday and has done a great job. The teacher is so great and organized, I didn't even cry when I dropped him off because I knew he would be well cared for. Such a relief! He is now eating cereal, peas, green beans, carrots, and peaches, and because of that, his bowels are working daily!!!! I never thought I would be so happy to change poopy diapers!
I just told Roy tonight that Warren is looking more like a little boy than a baby. I just love this face! He is very aware of the camera now, so he gets distracted with it.
In the past week or so, Warren has found his feet! He grabs ahold of them all the time. He has also found his thumb and likes to chew on it.
Roy was playing with Warren and put his hat on him. I guess when Roy realized how cute his son was, he started taking some pics!
How can you not want to kiss on this face?!!!
Last night Roy and I went to a backyard concert, and my coworker and friend, Kristi, babysat for us. I had to take a pic because it was Warren's first time with a sitter (other than family or daycare). As Roy said, Kristi "seems to have a level head on her shoulders" (ha!) and she did a fine job. I knew she would; she has an adorable son of her own to whom she is a great mommy. Thanks, Kristi!
We have had some sickness lately around our household. I had a major stomach bug or food poisoning the past two days, and Warren was sent home from daycare today with a 100.1 fever. He seems to be feeling okay, though it is obvious he is not totally himself. So far he does not seem to be in any pain. His appetite has gone down, and he's not as active as normal, but otherwise, he is okay. We've been giving him Tylenol, and his fever will go down for 4hrs, then come back up, so we give him some more. Hopefully he will sleep it off tonight and will be just fine tomorrow. He has been slobbering and chewing like crazy, so I suppose it's possible he may be teething, but he is still a little young, and I can't feel any bumps on his gums... more guesswork.


CristyG said...

Little Miss Keara had two teeth before she was even three months old. Each kid is different. She ran a temp off and on for about two weeks before i even saw one coming through.

Melissa said...

He really is a doll, Deb! And it could be teeth. Sometimes they can be really rough, and it can take MONTHS for them to work through, but the fevers can come and go. Carter's been working on the same tooth for 3 months and it just now came :) At least they don't stay miserable the whole time. Hope he feels better soon!

Harris Family said...

Thanks for your sweet text! We miss you guys! We need to get together soon. Sorry we have not done better, we have had lots of company and have been on the go! Warren is getting so big and gets cuter and cuter every time I see him!

Melissa said...

RYC...that boy doesn't share. :) He really doesn't! He shows the dogs his food and then sticks it in his mouth and yells at them if they try to take his food. It's funny! :) They do try to clean the chair once I take him out though. :)