Sunday, October 21, 2007

John and Sarah

This past weekend my sister and niece and nephew came down to visit. It was such fun! I must admit I had to take a two hour nap after they left, but it was well worth it. We played, chased Cleo, went to the zoo, ate lots of junk, talked about Cleo, made cookies, watched a movie, played with Cleo ... are you noticing a pattern here? Sarah is obsessed with Cleo. Most kids play house, but Sarah plays "Cleo." On Friday Cleo was laying on my lap with her nose between my knees; Sarah decided to do the same on her momma's lap, just to be like Cleo. Sometimes we would just be sitting and Sarah would smile and say, "Your dog's nice, Auntie Debbie; Cleo's nice." It is just too funny. Cleo did well; she likes both John and Sarah, but she definitely got tired of being messed with. A couple of times she just turned her head away when they kept trying to get her attention. Cleo adores my sister, though. She practically worships her; several times she was actually whimpering when she saw Kim until she got a dose of attention from her. We all had a great time. So now they are on there way home, and life goes on ... how boring. Here are some pics of our great weekend:

Finally, this stump in our front yard has purpose!
Making cookies with Auntie Debbie (Yes, using a roll of cookie dough is still "making" cookies!)

Now it's time to ice the cookies...

Now it's time to EAT the cookies - about half of them in one sitting!

Sarah as Cleo
Playing with Cleo's toys
Kissing Cleo

Just being a cutie!


Melissa said...

Aww! What a fun time, and what cute pictures! :) I can't believe how big your nephew and niece have gotten! :) It was sweet to read about their interactions/obsession with Cleo. I'm sure Cleo will rest for intesively for the next few days. :)

Melissa said...

like the new layout. :)