Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recent Happenings (w/Warren, of course!)

Seems I never post anything about me or Roy anymore, just about Warren, but hey, he IS what is happening in our lives right now, so I guess it's natural.

Recently Warren has started making faces. He usually does this while eating. We can make a face to him, and he will make one back. Sometimes he even starts it! I have tried to get it on video, and this is the best I can get so far. (watch his mouth and eyes at the beginning!).

Everyday after school when Warren and I get home, we take Cleo outside. Warren LOVES to be outside. He just looks at the world all around him and takes it all in. I love this pic because it shows him doing just that.
Warren (and Cleo) love to take a wagon ride around the back yard. Usually Cleo's tail is wagging right in Warren's face, and he tries to grab it or bite it. Yesterday he couldn't get Cleo to move over, so he grabbed her butt and squeezed... she moved and sat down, but unfortunately, Warren got her leftover poop on his hand, so we had to stop our wagon ride early. Yuck!
If Roy does it, Warren wants to do it. That goes for just about everything, including making coffee. This scene has become a daily ritual for my boys. Warren helps do everything from scooping the beans, to pushing the grinder button, to putting in the coffee filter, and turning on the coffee pot. He asks to do it nearly everytime we pass the coffee bar.
My million dollar question these days has been, "Why do we even buy toys?" Warren does play with his toys....some...but he really enjoys unloading the kitchen cabinets.
One final video of Warren. It seems he is just days away from walking everywhere on his own. He is getting more balanced and can now walk behind his convertible car walker by himself!
A quick note about our first baby:
Cleo has pretty much returned to normal. She is chasing squirrels, trying to beg on her hind legs (I say "trying" because we try to stop her - it's bad for her back), and has once again picked up barking (we need a replacement battery for her bark collar!). She only weighs 14lbs now, and the doc says if we can get one more pound off her we'll be lucky; she just has a bigger build.

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Rebekah said...

What a precious picture of Warren just taking everything in! I am glad Cleo is back to her old self! Awww...our sweet four legged babies! They brighten our lives, too!