Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today during lunch, Warren was starting to play around, so I assumed he was finished. I took his plate and said, "all done." He looked at me and yelled, in a somewhat frustrated manner, "...done!" I put the "..." cause I am not sure how to spell the sound he made before he clearly said, "done!" Roy says he thinks he must have been saying, "I'm NOT done!" LOL

The chiropracter seems to be working for Warren's ears! He had two adjustments last week, and he is sleeping better, acting better, and eating better. I have high hopes! His next ENT appointment is March 4 - here's to hopin'! I'd much rather pay $15 a month to have his ears popped and his neck adjusted than have to put him through getting tubes in his ears.


Melissa said...

So glad the chiro is working!! :) And that is super funny! HELLO MOM!! Ha! :)

kimnewland said...

Good to know that something is finally working for you guys - poor Warren has been having some rough days / nights. Cannot wait to see you! XOXO

Rebekah said...

Ummm mom, don't you know what DONE! means? I know how it feels some days! I am sad you are having a rough time with the ears, too!