Saturday, September 19, 2009

Teething...I think

It's back to the motherhood guesswork board. Last week Warren had a few days of diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy. We gave him some Pedialyte and used lots of diaper rash cream, and he got better. Two nights ago he woke up at 11:30pm so stuffed up he could hardly breathe. We used the aspirator and saline drops and sat up with him for a while, and he went back to sleep. All day yesterday, last night, and today his poor nose is just running and his eyes are watering. I put him on Benedryl and it helps, but he is still very stuffy. The thing that makes it super sad is that he is still generally happy - except, of course, when we are using the aspirator, wiping his nose, or putting in saline drops. Whoa! We here about his unhappiness then! LOL He is eating well, thankfully, and he doesn't have a fever, but it's just so sad. I know the experts say diarrhea and congestion are not signs of teething, but just about every mom I talk to and every mom's blog I read says it is. He is almost 6mths old.... where is the time going?

To make things worse, my lower back started doing something funny this week. It hurts something awful, but it is still bearable, barely. Kinda feels like a disc issue, but I don't know. The pain makes it difficult to take care of Warren and do the things that I normally do w/o a second thought. Roy is being great, as usual. He went grocery shopping for me last night, and he also got up with Warren many times last night. I am trying to figure out how to do things lying down. I did manage to feed Warren while I was lying on the couch (Bless the person who invented the Boppy!), but now I am sitting up blogging and playing with Warren. I did find some Vicodin that my OB prescribed after I had Warren, so I took that for the pain. Hopefully this will pass soon. Just in case, I am planning to get my sub lesson plans and all set for Monday, so if I have to go to the doctor, I can w/o worrying about my class.

When life throws us lemons, we make a sour face, right???? Oh ya, lemonade. That's right. :)


J Whitlark said...

Sounds like teething to me. Hannah always had runny diapers, diaper rash, runny nose, and congestion with teething...every time! Have you given him any teething tablets? I don't really know how they work, but they do. Otherwise you have to just wait it fun for anyone involved! Praying for you guys!

Melissa said...

1 word...chiropractor! I have had a TON of back issues like what you're talking about, and if I just try to deal, it gets more aggravated to the point that I get stuck, but if I just give in and go for an adjustment, I'm back to normal in no time...seriously, you should try it!

Hope it's teething for sounds like it because of the symptoms being stretched out like that. Hope those teeth move quickly! :)

Harris Family said...

I hope Warren is feeling better! Sick babies are so pitiful and break a mommy's heart! Hope you are feeling better too! Being down and in bed is hard when you have a little one depending on you! I feel your pain!

Melissa said...

How are you feeling, Deb? Any better?