Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas in Oklahoma

We have just spent a week in Oklahoma visiting family and friends for Christmas. It was a fabulous visit! Here are some pics:

Roy just loves having his picture taken!!!

My parents

My sister, my mom, and yours truly

My sister and her family
John got a stocking full of pickles!
Sweet Sarah posing for Auntie Debbie

My grandparents

I got a special treat this visit! My best friend from high school, Lacey, was in town with her new baby!!!!

Roy's niece, Keara, is now two years old. Isn't she a cutie?!!! She loves coffee - Starbucks, of course, and when we were visiting one night, she told her mom, "I need my coffee!"

Keara and mommy playing with the new kitchen set from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Roy.

Showing off for the camera with her new teddy bear from Uncle Adam - he built it himself at Build-a-Bear! Such a sweet uncle - yes, ladies, he's single and good looking!

My mom got Cleo a tent for Xmas! She was too nervous to play with it much while at Grandma's, but she has played in it and walked through it several times now that we are home.

I am so glad to be home in Texas where the weather is warm! While in Oklahoma, we got several inches of snow, and it was just too cold!!! Cleo liked the snow, but she would just shiver from being so cold.

If you think this looks like a sad puppy-dog face, then you are definitely correct! We always stay at Roy's grandma's house when we go to Oklahoma, and Cleo loves to hang out with Grandma while Roy and I are off visiting family. This time, however, Grandma was in the city visiting her daughter, so Cleo sometimes had to stay home alone during the day. She would sit in this chair and pout, looking at the front door. I think she was just wondering when Grandma was going to come back home. Poor thing...

We have been back in Texas for a couple of days now, and I must say we have done little but sleep and eat. It has been nice. Next week we both have to start back to schoolwork...

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Melissa said...

Aww! What great pictures!! Every one of them - even though Roy is gritting his teeth in the first. :) I'm so glad you all had such a great Christmas! Love and miss you!

Oh, I hope you guys really can come out to visit! :)