Saturday, October 15, 2011

At the Fair!

Tonight we went to the HOT fair! It was Warren's first time to ever go to a fair, and he really enjoyed it. He actually cried when he had to get off this firetruck!

The firetruck below went way up in the air. Warren wasn't sure what to think, so Roy was trying to get him to smile. We thought for a moment he was going to throw up. When the ride was over he was all smiles.
He rode on two trains (in the engineer's seat, of course) but this one went around a curve fast and each time he just giggled/grinned so big! I love seeing him smile!
We went on the gondola to finish out the night!

We brought Grant with us too. He was just so content to ride around in the stroller, that he went an hour past his regular eating time... and if you know Grant and his love for eating, that's saying something!