Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catching up

I sometimes wonder why I even have a blog! I haven't updated this blog in almost a month, but hey, I guess that's the purpose of blogging - sparatic communication with no guilt. You know how it is - you see a friend that you haven't seen in a year and you feel guilty that you didn't keep in touch - blogging keeps that guilt from forming. I bet those of you who read this monthly get more info. then you would if I didn't blog... So I am rambling away my own guilt for not updating sooner ... what is it with me and guilt? LOL

School is back in session for both Roy and me. He is getting pretty overwhelmed already, and I am just as tightly wound as usual. Actually, I think it is much better this semester. I am not as busy because we don't have history fair and UIL to deal with. The big thing on my mind is the reading TAKS test - yuck! Anyway, I have been thinking about getting my masters in administration and working toward a principal certificate. I have to pass the GRE first!!!

Roy and I went to the hospital tonight to visit our friends David and Staci. They just had their third baby, a boy named John Thomas. He was almost nine pounds, but when I held him he still seemed so tiny. Staci said, "You're next," and for the first time, I actually got nervous about having a baby. I mean the kind of nervous that feels like someone punched you in the stomach! It was an excited nervous, I suppose ... I think ... maybe. Afterward Roy and I went to Wingstop (totally cheating on my diet!) and talked about having babies. He confessed that he has trouble with poop. He said he will change our baby's diaper, but only with those surgical gloves on!!!!! Then he started into his whole "apparatis" talk about hooking a baby up over the sink and just spraying it off! HELP ME!!!! What I am going to do with this man???!!!!! It was really quite funny. He, of course, said it all with that cute grin and dimple showing, which made it all the more enjoyable.

I am going to try to finish up my jewelry website this week. I am very excited about it, even though it isn't very professional looking. Here are a few pics of some earrings I have made recently:

My fifth grade girls just love my earrings, so when they have a chance to choose a prize for some event in class, they always choose earrings. The pair above was just such a case. The student has worn them every day since she got them!!!!